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PEMDAS for iOS Privacy Policy

This policy went into effect on March 3, 2019, and applies to the PEMDAS app for iOS.

What We Collect

The PEMDAS app for iOS does not collect any personal data.

Any data made available to us by Apple (such as sales data, crash logs, etc), or through e-mail contact with us (such as contacting our support) is not distributed or sold to any third parties. In certain cases, issues or bugs may be shared with Apple when help is required to resolve the issue, otherwise it is kept internal. Contact over third parties such as Twitter is subject to the agreements of those platforms.

User Content

All data input into PEMDAS for iOS is stored locally on the device. If the user backs up the device, the data stored on the device may be included in the backups. This includes backups made locally and to iCloud.

Future versions of PEMDAS may also offer to save data to a cloud storage service. In that case, the data is subject to the associated agreements and policies between the user and service.


Changes to this privacy policy will posted on our website.